In view of the current corona situation, several shows and tour dates have been postponed or canceled for the moment. You will find the updated tour schedule on here as soon as things clear up again. 

❤️Please do what you can to stay safe and keep supporting yourself and others with kindness and empathy in this time❤️

If you have purchased a ticket for one of my shows, please consider donating the ticket to the theater or festival in support of the artists, technicians, and teams involved in performing arts, who are facing extreme financial precarity at this time.

SHAMELESS festival

– February 29th at Centre Culturel Suisse - Paris, France

Centre Culturel Suisse has entrusted me with a carte blanche after my run of ALL EYES ON shows. I´ve decided to make it a one-day feminist mini-festival of workshops, performance, discussion, and party. It will be gentle, it will be loud, it will definitely be too much and it will be  SHAMELESS.

with: Veza Maria Fernandez, Karelle Menine, MOET, Nadja Barrientos, Marta Navaridas and more guests, also more Infos soon!



– February  26.-28. at Centre Culturel Suisse - Paris, France

– March 20.-21. at Festival +de Gendres KLAP - Marseille, France - canceled due to COVID19

more  soon...



– January 14. - 16. at Faits  d`hiver Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, France

– February 8. & 9. at  Kaserne Basel, Switzerland - canceled due to illness 

– February 13. at Enter through the void, exit through the gift shop CAMPO Gent, Belgium canceled due to illness

– March 26. at Südpol Luzern, Switzerland - canceled due to COVID19 

– April 03. & 04.l at Festival zürich moves! in Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland - canceled due to COVID19

– May 7. at  Fete du Slip Lausanne, Switzerland - canceled due to COVID19

– May 9. at InScena Festival Lugano, Switzerland - canceled due to COVID19

June 5.-14.  at Impulse Theaterfestival Köln - canceled due to COVID19 



– May 14. +15. & 17.   Arsenic Lausanne, Switzerland - canceled due to COVID19 

– October (exact dates tbc) at Risk&Resilience, Sophiensaele Berlin, Germany - STILL ON